Below are the manufacturers Martin & Smith Inc. represents along with the products and services we can help you with.

Note: * indicates products stocked at our warehouse.

American Standard American Standard Brands is a leading manufacturer of bath and kitchen products. The Company participates in all key product categories including bathroom and kitchen faucets, fixtures and furniture with leading positions in toilets and bathroom fixtures.
Crane Plumbing Crane Plumbing is one of the best-known manufacturers and distributors of plumbing fixtures and specialty plumbing products in North America. They offer various product lines that comprise all aspects of bathroom fixtures from a small porcelain sink to a luxury acrylic bath.
FIAT Plumbing Products Fiat Products* has led the way in the plumbing industry in the design, development and manufacture of an impressive variety of acrylic bathing and shower modules as well as terrazzo and molded stone mop sinks and shower bases.
DXV by American Standard DXV by American Standard is a luxury portfolio of meticulously crafted bathroom and kitchen fixtures and faucets that celebrate and re-imagine the most influential design movements of the past 150 years.
Just Manufacturing Just Manufacturing has been producing residential and commercial grade plumbing products for over 60 years. Just offers 16 and 18 gage construction commercial or residential stainless steel sinks built to last.
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Charlotte Pipe And Foundry Co. was founded in 1901 and has grown into the largest producer of cast iron and plastic pipe and fittings in America.They are the best and most reliable source for cast iron soil pipe and fittings that are approved by the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute (CISPI).
Jay R. Smith Setting the Standards for Engineered Plumbing Drainage Products since 1926, Jay R. Smith* products include water closet supports, lavatory and sink supports, roof drains, floor drains, sanitary floor area & indirect waste receptors, cleanouts & access covers, hydrants, interceptors, stainless steel & carbon steel products.
J.R. Smith Trench Drains J.R. Smith Trench Drains* offers a full line of Polymer Concrete, Fiberglass and Polypropylene trench drain systems with a variety of grate styles to meet any applications needs.
JRS Products JRS Products* for light commercial and design-built projects. Products include roof drains, floor drains and accessories, sanitary floor sinks, cleanouts and accessories, water hammer arresters and hydrants, backwater valves, traps and interceptors.
Acorn Engineering Acorn is the source for high security vandal resistant toilets, lavatories, showers and Penal WareR combination lav\toilets. Acorn also offers a wide variety of products such as stainless steel showers along with washfountains and lavatory systems made from a range of materials including stainless steel, terrazzo and solid surfaces.
Acorn Controls Acorn Controls* utilizes 60 years of experience providing safe showers for schools, prisons and healthcare facilities. This division of Acorn Engineering represents a new line of safe showering and tempering products designed for the most challenging demands of all commercial, multi-family residential and industrial facilities.
Acorn Safety Products Acorn Safety is a full line of eyewashes, eye / face washes, emergency drench showers, combination showers, emergency drench hoses and mixing valves which further complement products from the Acorn Family of Companies.
Acorn Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains Acorn Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains offers a complete line of indoor and outdoor drinking fountains, water coolers and bottle fillers in many finishes, colors and styles to allow a variety of choices for all commercial buildings such as schools, office buildings and institutions.
Whitehall Manufacturing Whitehall Manufacturing, a division of Acorn Eng., offers an extensive and diverse line of "HealthWare" products. Whitehall's line of patient care units, stainless steel scrubsinks, dialysis boxes and whirlpools are of the highest quality and will suit any hospitals needs.
Best Care from Whitehall Best Care from Whitehall products are designed to meet the unique application challenges faced by behavioral healthcare facilities. This product offering includes ligature resistant showers, lavatories and bariatric toilets that strike a balance between patient safety and security while creating a noninstitutional enviroment.
ProSet Systems For over twenty years, ProSet* has been manufacturing "Firestopping Penetrators". They are state-of-the-art sleeving systems that automatically fire-stop pipes passing through fire-rated floors and walls. Proset also offers "Trapguard" waterless trap primers.
Murdock Super Secur Murdock is poised to become the leading designer and manufacturer of traditional drinking fountains, contemporary drinking fountains, water hydrants as well as park and recreation buildings.
Potter Roemer Potter Roemer offers a wide range of fire protection equipment and accessories that include Fire Extinguishers, Hose and Valve Cabinets, Fire Hose & Accessories, Fire Department Valves, Connections and Specialty Equipment.
Chronomite Laboratories Chronomite Laboratories* has been the innovative leader in providing solutions for commercial and industrial instantaneous tankless electric water heater applications since 1966.
Elmdor Access Doors Five decades of experience and innovative engineering have enabled Elmdor* to become a well established high volume, low cost producer of drywall and fire rated access doors as well as a variety of roof flashing assemblies.

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